King Mist 100ml Disinfectant Spray

100ml alcohol-free disinfectant 

King Mist's fabulous no alcohol disinfectant formula is now available in a mini 100ml pocket spray, perfect for carrying in handbags and backpacks for instant access to a disinfectant while on the move. Each 100ml bottle contains our powerful germ-killing formula that can kill stubborn germs on everyday surfaces including bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19). Use this handy spray during your everyday commute, while our dining at a restaurant, or anywhere that requires disinfection without harsh alcohol fumes.

King Mist 100ml Disinfectant Spray
Why Use 100ml King Mist?

  • Australian made.
  • No alcohol formula.
  • A light fragrance.
  • Kills bacteria that may cause bad odours.
  • Proven to kill an assortment of nasty micro-organisms including:

    * Coronavirus SARSCoV-2 (COVID-19)
    * Pseudomonas.aeruginosa
    * Proteus Vulgaris
    * Escherichia coli
    * Staphylococcus aureus
    * Aspergillus Brasiliensis
    * Salmonella choleraesui

King Mist disinfectant is suitable for use on wood, acrylic, leather, marble, and other sensitive surfaces. Our spray is ideally sized to fit in most carry bags for ease use when out shopping, traveling, or visiting friends. Keep the power of King Mist on hand no matter where you go with our 100ml disinfectant spray.

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