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King Mist 100ml Disinfectant Spray

A mini 100ml pocket spray, perfect for carrying in handbags and backpacks for instant access to a disinfectant while on the move.

Each bottle contains our powerful germ-killing formula that can kill stubborn germs on everyday surfaces including bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

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King Mist 300ml Disinfectant Spray

King Mist 300ml Disinfectant Spray

King Mist's popular disinfectant spray is now available in a handy 300ml trigger bottle. Simply point and spray to kill germs on most surfaces.

King Mist allows users to thoroughly disinfect their households, commercial properties, vehicles, and personal items with ease.

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King Mist 500ml Surface Cleaner

King Mist 500ml Cleaner Spray

King Mist has combined the power of an alcohol-free disinfectant with a cleaner to create a combo spray perfect for everyday use.

Our 500ml cleaner spray is perfect for ridding your everyday surfaces of dirt, marks, and stains, in addition to removing 99.9% of germs (including COVID-19)!

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