King Mist in the Media

Times that King Mist disinfectants have been highlighted in the press.

Aged Care Australia Magazine, March 2021 Issue

 Aged Care Australia King Mist Feature 

Aged Care Australia is a quarterly magazine that covers all the important developments in products and services for the aged care industry. Each issue provides information to those working in aged care sector so they can make informed choices about potential suppliers and service providers to engage. King Mist had an industry-focused article and advertisement printed side-by-side in the first Aged Care Australia issue for 2021.


Retail World Magazine, Jan/Feb 2021 Issue

 Cover of January/February 2021 Retail World Magazine  King Mist Ad from Retail World Magazine

Retail World magazine is Australia's leading bi-monthly publication for those in the retail industry with a focus on innovative, new products, and marketing. King Mist had a full-page advertisement in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue alongside a focus on the entire COVID-killing product range in the magazine's "What's New" section.


Australian Ageing Agenda, Nov-Dec 2020 Issue

Cover of Australian Ageing Agena Nov-Dec 20 Issue King Mist Ageing Agenda Article

Australian Ageing Agenda is a bi-monthly online and print magazine focusing on important issues, resources, and developments in the aged services and retirement living sectors here in Australia. King Mist had an advertorial piece featured in the November-December 2020 issue of the magazine, focusing on our disinfectant's COVID-19 killing formula and its potential for use in the industry.


She Does This, December 3rd 2020

Preview Image of Anita Birges' She Does This article

She Does This is an online lifestyle hub that features written articles and podcasts full of inspirational ideas and techniques from successful Aussie women. Anita Birges, our favourite decluttering expert and frequent collaborator, is a popular contributor to the She Does This blog.

On December 3rd Anita shared an article covering The 4 places in your home you need to declutter before Christmas. This piece had insightful suggestions for tackling the most cluttered areas in Aussie homes along uses for Anita's preferred bacteria/germ dispenser, King Mist disinfectant!


Ticker TV, December 2nd 2020

Alana McLean and Wendy Li during the Ticker LIVE Morning Edition Interview

Ticker TV is an online news channel that focuses on business news, the latest in technology, and things like transport and investment. Ticker TV streams online and completely ad-free, bringing Australia's business news direct to viewers both locally and abroad.

King Mist's general manager, Wendy Li, was fortunate to speak with Ticker LIVE Morning presenter, Alana McLean, on December 2nd. The interview appeared  during a regular morning segment on the business impact of COVID-19. Alana and Wendy discussed why King Mist was founded and how its links to the Australian community run deep (including charitable contributions and a commitment to Aussie values).


The Daily Telegraph, November 30th 2020

King Mist in Anita Birges' Daily Telegraph article

Anita Birges doesn't just contribute to TV and social media, she also writes handy articles on everyday life hacks to improve organisation around the house. These pieces feature in News Corp publications including The Daily Telegraph (NSW), Courier Mail (QLD), Herald Sun (VIC), and The Advertiser (SA).

In Anita's 'Smart Living' supplement article on November 30th, King Mist was mentioned as a disinfectant option that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses, as part of her clever cleaning hints. You can read the full article and all its great ideas here.


Today Show Segment, November 12th 2020

King Mist on Today Show

Anita Birges is Australia's own decluttering and organising expert. Well known for her online presence at Mise en Place, Anita also regularly pops into the Today Show studio to share tips on keeping your home styled, organised, and clutter-free.

On the 12th of November Anita covered some great "Moving House Hacks" for those preparing to move homes. Moving can be quite stressful at the best of times, so Anita's tips included simple hints for staying on top of the process that everyday families can implement with ease.

King Mist was shown as a disinfectant spray, the type of product that is handy to use when you're freshening a house while moving in or moving out.


@mise_en_place_aus, November 5th 2020

Anita Birges uses King Mist on a door handle

mise_en_place_aus is the Instagram account of Australia's favourite organisation expert, Anita Birges. Anita is a busy mum-of-four and professional declutterer who shares advice, tips, and tricks on her account.

King Mist was featured in this November 5th post about the importance of using a disinfectant spray you trust to keep your home and business free of germs and viruses.


@nolan_and_us, October 22nd 2020

King Mist in use credit to nolan_and_us

@nolan_and_us is a local Instagram account run by mum-of-two Alex and her partner. The account features household tips, product reviews, and general lifestyle information.

King Mist was reviewed and featured by Alex on this October 22nd post. The post noted the usefulness of alcohol-free King Mist for keeping high touch points such as kids' toys free from everyday nasties.


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