King Mist Hospital Grade Disinfectant Fogger

250ml aerosol disinfectant fogger with one-touch operation

Buy King Mist 250ml Australian Made Disinfectant Fogger

The King Mist Disinfectant Fogger Bomb is the ultimate way to kill germs in an enclosed household or office environment without the need for alcohol. Use our Australian-made fogger to efficiently kill nasty bacteria and viruses after someone has been unwell, in areas with frequent foot traffic, or just to disinfect a room so that it feels fresh and is cleared of germs.

What Makes Our Fogger Bomb Different?

  • One-touch operation means you simply press, lock, and leave the room while the device kills germs on surfaces the mist solution touches.
  • Alcohol-free formula developed right here in Australia.
  • Fast-acting solution means you can return the treated area in 2 hours to resume your activities.
  • Each bomb is effective at disinfecting a space up to 120m in size (7m Length x 7mWidth x 2.4m Height).

Why Buy a Disinfectant Bomb?

The King Mist disinfectant bomb uses aerosol technology and a unique nozzle to deliver 0% alcohol mist all around a room of your choice. If you need to quickly despatch germs and want to cover as many surfaces in a room as possible, the King Mist bomb is the perfect product for you. Use at work, at home, or in community facilities to kill 99.9% of germs without the elbow grease required for a spray and wipe product.

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You can visit our shop to purchase King Mist Disinfectant Foggers or see our story for more information on how we developed this premium quality disinfectant fog bomb.